Thursday, May 19, 2016

Maritime Day - 2016

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Photos by Lynn Wright 

Edward Thomas Brennan, Sr.
Officers and Crew of the SS El Faro
Gloria Faircloth
Edwin Fendig, Sr
Richard Calvin Fitzgerald
John Henry Graves, Jr.
Jerry "Smitty" Hampton
Anthony O'Leary Kelly
Charles Edward Lang
Mary Pringle
Charles Christopher Reiser
Thomas Brannen Sanders, Jr.
Paul Williams
Wallace J. Yarbrough
Loretta S. Forbes Felix
Bud Wilkes

Maritime Day Reception - 2016

Maritime Person of the Year - Curtis Foltz
Propeller Club Person of the Year - McLeod Rominger


President - Craig Maggioni
1st VP - Chuck Heimes
2nd VP - Dudley New, Jr.
3rd VP - Lynn Brennan
Secretary - Tom Wright
Treasurer - Bob Cole
Judge Advocate - Langston Bass
Ex Officio - CDR Amy Beach, USCG
Past President - Michael Forbes

Maritime Day Sponsors
    Cargo Group, LLC
    Container Source, LLC
    Crescent Towing & Salvage
    Hunter, McLean, Exley & Dunn
    JIT Warehousing & Logistics
    Logistics Group
    Peeples Industries,Inc.
    Port City Logistics
    Regions Bank
    Savannah Maritime Association
    Savannah Pilots
    Viknicks Consultants

Wreath Laying 
Sailors' Burial Ground, Laurel Grove Cemetery
Sunday, May 22, 2016
1:00 PM  
Photo provided by Jerry Hogan