Thursday, May 24, 2018

Maritime Day - 2018

 Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum
May 24, 2018

”Please note that I copyright all my photos. You can make a copy for your personal use, but please contact me for permission if you want to use these photos for any other use.
Photos by Lynn Wright

Tony Lamar Brown
William "Bill" Joseph Butts, Sr.
Leroy Crosby
Lyman Cooper Davidson
John Gilbert Donaldson, Sr.
William "Willy" J. Dyer, Jr. 
Charles Gordon Etheridge, II
Ms. Betty Marie Into
David King
Gunnar Lidqvist
Edwin Joseph Ramsey, Sr.
Louis Murray "Murf" Smith
John Edward Thomas
Herman "Fuskie" Williams
Michael Edward Ysbrand

Propeller Club Person of the Year - Emily Goldman
Maritime Person of the Year - Tony Pizzo

                                          Photo by Craig Maggioni